Our business strategy is shaped and informed by the views of our stakeholders. To this end we actively engage with our six core stakeholder groups (players, employees, investors, government and regulators, partners and society) to understand their priorities, and we use their feedback to shape our business.

Interactions take place at all levels of the organisation, and our Directors are involved in, or have visibility of, many of these engagements. Notable engagements led by the Board include shareholder meetings, monthly and quarterly employee updates, Gamesys Foundation Trust meetings and engagement with the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC).

The Board also engages with different samples of employees throughout the year through the Employee Voice process. Feedback from these sessions, which are hosted by Katie Vanneck-Smith, Non-Executive Director, is shared at the ESG Committee and Board meetings.

The full Section 172(1) statement for Gamesys Group and for Gamesys Limited, the sole qualifying subsidiary of the Group, can be found in their respective Annual Reports.

Players: The people who have paid to play any of our games on any of our brands.

Why are they important to us? How do we engage with them?
Players’ safe enjoyment of our games drives our revenue and long-term growth. Understanding player attitudes and behaviours is critical for shaping our brand, products and delivering our market-leading experience.
  • ‘Voicebox’, our online research community. We use this community of circa 11,000 players for piloting new games, trialling advertising and conducting ad hoc surveys.
  • Annual player satisfaction survey.
  • Annual responsible gambling survey.
  • Focus groups. Small groups of players and non-players used to get in depth feedback on topics.
  • Chat rooms. Player chat rooms are extensively used. We monitor comments and host conversations to get feedback on specific topics.
  • Direct interactions with support staff.
  • Social media.

Employees: Everyone directly employed by us.

Why are they important to us? How do we engage with them?
Our employees create our assets and provide our exemplary customer service. They are critical for our success. We use a structured calendar of events, initiatives and campaigns throughout the year to engage with them.
  • Monthly video presentations by the CEO and CFO on Company and financial performance.
  • Quarterly updates. Video updates from the CEO and other senior business leaders covering a broad range of business matters and employee milestones, including functional updates, employee awards, strategic goals and business performance.
  • Annual employee engagement survey. In-depth survey of all employee views on a broad range of matters.
  • Employee Voice representative. Roundtable discussions hosted by Katie Vanneck-Smith, the Board's Employee Voice representative.
  • Roundtables. Senior leaders frequently lead intra department and division roundtables.
  • Employee networks. Our diversity communities provide forums for employees to share experiences and ideas on how to make the business more inclusive.
  • G PRO. The Company’s performance development review process provides opportunities for employees to give feedback to their line managers.
  • Employee representative associations. These represent approximately 1% of employees and cover general employment conditions, our workplace environment as well as wellbeing and culture initiatives.
  • Exit, initiation and probation interviews.
  • Informal interactions between all levels of the organisation are fostered by an open and non-hierarchical culture. 
  • Other engagements include competitions, social events, campaigns and the intranet.

Investors: Institutions and individuals who hold shares in Gamesys Group plc.

Why are they important to us? How do we engage with them?
Our shareholders own our Company and we openly engage with them on a broad range of issues to guide our approach.
  • Annual General Meeting.
  • One-to-one meetings between shareholders and the Senior Independent Directors.
  • Direct engagements with the Director of Investor Relations.
  • ESG rating schemes.
  • Responses to investor information requests.
  • Reviews of analysts’ research.

Government & Regulators: The bodies that regulate our operations.

Why are they important to us? How do we engage with them?
We work closely with our regulators to uphold and drive forward the shared standards expected of our industry.
  • Compliance and reporting meetings.
  • Regulatory body working groups.
  • Participation in Government initiatives e.g. submitting an Annual Assurance Statement to the UK Gambling Commission.
  • Formal responses to the Gambling Act 2005 and other regulatory reviews.
  • Lobbying, primarily via the Betting and Gaming Council.

Partners: People or organisations that we work or collaborate with. They include suppliers, trade bodies, industry organisations and NGOs.

Why are they important to us? How do we engage with them?
Collaborating with partners allows us to create, influence and change more than we, or they, could individually
  • Industry collaborations, e.g. the Betting and Gaming Council. 
  • Supplier account meetings.
  • Research partnerships.
  • Charity collaborations e.g. Wolverhampton Citizen’s Advice Bureau.

Society: Individuals and organisations affected by, or with an interest in, our Company.

Why are they important to us? How do we engage with them?
We have a civic duty to play our part in society. It’s the right thing to do and it’s what we want to do.
  • The Gamesys Foundation.
  • Business in the Community membership.
  • Social media interactions.
  • National and local press and media coverage.
  • Local community interactions.