Collaborating with the industry on responsible gambling

Problem gambling cannot be solved by any organisation alone and so we work with our peers, charities and other bodies to collectively address the issues. Our recent collaborations include:

  • Participating in the trial of Gambling Research Exchange Ontario’s repository for industry approaches to safer gambling player interactions. We are one of 26 companies to have submitted detailed information on our approach to identifying, interacting and evaluating player interactions.
  • Collaborating with Gamban to re-word our UK self-exclusion confirmation emails with the goal of increasing uptake of their software (which blocks access to gambling sites on installed devices).
  • Providing information and support to help GAMSTOP (which stops registered players from being able to use gambling websites licensed in the UK) improve their matching criteria and logic.
  • Sponsoring an apprentice to run a web chat service providing advice on debt management for the Wolverhampton’s Citizens Advice Bureau. In return we will be given access to some anonymised data on gambling and debt issues and the Citizens Advice Bureau will be providing our staff with training on financial debt management.
  • Using our neuroscience trained responsible gambling analyst to provide the Young Gamblers & Gamers Education Trust (YGAM) with insights on how to maximise the effectiveness of their new training course.