We are committed to engaging with our key stakeholders on an ongoing basis and use their insight to help shape what we do and how we communicate. The table below describes how we engaged with our stakeholders in 2018.

Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder How we engage Key activities in 2018
  • Regular communications
  • Interaction with support staff
  • Account monitoring and reviews
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  • Annual Employee Engagement Survey
  • Training and development
  • Personal development reviews
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Government and regulators
  • Engaging with licensing authorities
  • Involvement in government initiatives 
  • Strengthened our compliance team to facilitate greater engagement with regulators around the world
  • Signed up to the UK’s GamSTOP scheme
Industry peers 
  • Participation in industry events
  • Members of industry bodies
  • Industry partnerships
  • Sponsored Responsible Gambling Week, a cross-industry initiative to promote responsible gaming in the United Kingdom and worked with industry peers to help create communications materials and channels
  • Ran training sessions free-of-charge for industry peers to raise awareness of the risks associated with a responsible gaming
  • Members of the Remote Gambling Association