Gamesys Group plc is an online gaming holding company, originally founded as The Intertain Group Limited (“Intertain”).


Jackpotjoy plc became the parent company of Intertain in January 2017 following a reorganisation transaction involving a share-for-share exchange of former Intertain shares-for-shares of Jackpotjoy plc (the “JPJ shares”) or exchangeable shares issued by Intertain (the “exchangeable shares”).

In June 2018, it was announced that Jackpotjoy plc would change its name to JPJ Group plc. It also announced the intention to seek to transfer the listing category of its entire issued (and yet to be issued) ordinary share capital from a Standard Listing to a Premium Listing on the Official List of the Financial Conduct Authority.

On 26 September 2019 JPJ Group plc completed the acquisition Gamesys Limited and the enlarged group was renamed Gamesys Group plc.

Gamesys Group plc shares are listed on the premium listing segment of the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange, while the exchangeable shares are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Evolution of the Group